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[IP] Re: changing syringes and tubing

As a relatively new pumper, I have some questions regarding changing
syringes and tubing.  I change silhouettes every 3 days.  During this time
I use about 70 U of insulin.  If I fill the syringe to the 150 U limit I
can use a syringe and tubing twice as long as the Silhouette.   But I'm
wondering if I can switch syringe positions to fill it full with 300 U.
Then I could go 12 days with one syringe and tubing.     Question 1:  Is
this too long?  How long to people use the same syringe?
If I did this I would end up with lots of extra tubing sets (since Minimed
only sells two tubing sets for 1 Silhouette).
Question 2: Can tubing sets be purchased independently?  This would enable
one to match one's own particular needs.
Question 3:  Have there been problems with using the full syringe position?
That is, it looks like the syringe tip will stick out of the pump and extra
half inch or so.  Does this get in the way? Does the tubing ever bend or
kink off?

Wayne Mitzner
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The Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health
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