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[IP] Cindy's still here

First, a heartfelt thank you to all the warm welcomes I got to the list
(and a big fat "raspberry" to the one and only less than warm one!). I have
been lurking and learning soooo..... much. What a great group!
I met with the CDE last week. My quest for the pump is moving along very
nicely. I've decided on the MMed. With any luck, my insurance coverage will
be good for the pump, not so good for supplies 'til next year.
I must admit I'm a little frightened by it all. My biggest fear is bolusing
for meals. I've had some instances of taking my pre-meal regular and having
my BG drop like a rock (from amazingly lofty heights). I would appreciate
peoples thoughts and experiences about bolusing with your first bite as
this would be much easier for me.
Also, please give me input on this: I will be going home to N.C. on May
15th from Seattle. If I get the pump and get started by, say, May 1st, will
this be a reasonable amount of time to get going, or should I wait 'til
getting back at the end of May? (I am very eager to start, but don't want
to "bite off" too much!).
Finally, I have mild neuropathys in my feet. My acupuncturist is very
successful at helping relieve this. She has also worked with alot of AIDS
patients  who have them and had good success. Just an FYI.
I think I will call myself a "pumpazoid"!  
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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