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[IP] New thread - unexplained highs - how do YOU change sets?


After re reading many of these posts concerning unexplained highs after set
changes, I am confused.

I have *always* changed sets before meals, therefore any bolus was taken
after I changed my set. I was taught to do this during my pump training. The
thinking here is that a bolus after your set change helps to clear any
tissue away from the end of the needle or cannula and helps guarantee good
insulin flow to the site. You do have the added benefit of not having to
battle the BG rise from carbs you have already eaten if there are any
immediate problems with your new set. A simple BG check right before eating
should let you know if things are o.k. with your new set.

However, after reading about users who leave the old set in after changing,
it seems like many of you change your set *after* a mealtime bolus, which
seems to explain why insulin leaks from the site. It takes time for the
insulin to be fully absorbed after a bolus.

So .....

Am I confused, am I simply mis reading this, or am I the only one who
changes *before* mealtime boluses and doesn't need to leave the old set in
to avoid the high BGs after a set change?

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

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