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Re: [IP] Snackers and Nibblers

> I have a question about snacking.  What do you do when you just want to
> nibble on something, or are just taking a bite or two of something like
> in a grocery store when they are handing out samples of products, etc?
> Can you wait to bolus later when you are going to have your next meal?
> Do these small snacks have a significant affect on the blood sugar? For
> instance, I might be in the kitchen washing strawberries and she will
> come up and take one or two.  Would we need to do anything?

1 or 2 strawberries are probably only 5g CHO, maybe less (depends on their
size). Pre-pump, I wouldn't have done anything. Even now, I might not. But
if I eat, say, 15g CHO, I bolus for it (for me, that's 1.0 units). 

The great thing about the pump is that it's EASY and PAINLESS to bolus 1
unit of insulin (or less!) to cover a snack. I find that I often guess how
much I want to eat for dinner and bolus for that many carbs. When I've
finished eating it, I realize that I'm still hungry and want more. I just
bolus for the extra food (nearly always only 2 units or less). With shots,
it was too much trouble, so I didn't... 

The short answer is: I wouldn't worry about 1 bite of anything. I would
bolus once the carb count total is over 10g CHO. That could be as little as
3 bites.

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