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[IP] Re: exercise

> From: Deminkspot <email @ redacted>
> My BG is normal before exercise, during exercise and after exercise
> (we're talking about 100 mg/dcl) Two hours after the exercise regime- and
> only when it's an intensive regime- my BG starts rising. I do load carbos
> prior to starting, (fast acting grape juice, and a cheese sandwich for
> long acting - NO bolus) and I reduce my basal rates during exercise.  I
> just wonder how or if it's possible to keep that BG normal ? Last night I
> tracked how much extra insulin I need to bring it down to normal again
> and had thought about just programming a temporary basal rate to cover
> that amount over the next 4 hours.

Here's another thought: that cheese sandwich may not be getting digested
until AFTER you STOP exercising. Intense exercise can effectively prevent
your stomach from digesting fats. 

I used to get highs after I swam. I changed from eating yogurt beforehand
to drinking juice, and the highs went away (same 30g CHO either way). The
yogurt wasn't being digested, I would get low while swimming, and be high
later. (In fact, this same phenomenon happened to me yesterday, sigh. I
went swimming after dinner...was 58 when I stopped swimming, and well over
300 a few hours later. :-( A bolus brought it down in 3-4 hours.)

Suggestion: only use very fast carbs (juice) for the exercise, but repeat
doses every hour (or as needed).

One more thought: you didn't say whether you use Regular or Humalog. If you
use Regular, the basal rate you have on NOW is really working 2 hours from
now. So if you have a decreased temp basal rate until you stop exercising,
you're effectively getting a lower basal rate during the 2 hours AFTER

Suggestion: when you stop exercising, bolus for the (difference between your
regular basal and the temp basal) * 2 hours. 

Lastly: it's unusual, but I have a similar phenomenon of needing extra
insulin when I *stop* exercising. I need an extra 0.3 plus all missed basal
insulin after I've swum 1 hour (disconnected), and an extra 1-2 units after
I finish dancing (similar to a low intensity aerobics class) 3-4 hours
(connected). I've just measured how much extra I need, and it seems to

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