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RE: [IP] Snackers and Nibblers

This is YMMV thing...for me I found out right off the bat...that anything that has a carbo count sends my BG up...so yes I have to bolus....used to in pre-pumping days this didn't affect me much....but it does now...but like I said...YMMV..this is just me...good luck...
First of all, thanks for all the input from my post "Too shy to Pump?".
Your advice really helped!  I also realize there are now two "Kim's" on
this list.  I am the one who has the nine yr. old considering the pump.
I have a question about snacking.  What do you do when you just want to
nibble on something, or are just taking a bite or two of something like
in a grocery store when they are handing out samples of products, etc?
Can you wait to bolus later when you are going to have your next meal?
Do these small snacks have a significant affect on the blood sugar? For
instance, I might be in the kitchen washing strawberries and she will
come up and take one or two.  Would we need to do anything?

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