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Hi Sam-
I too work from home.  Lots of computer and phone activity just like
your job.  I only took 1/2 day off from work for my pump start up and
training.  I've only been pumping for 6 weeks.  I had no problems that
couldn't be solved by communicating with my CDE via email or phone.  It
worked great.  I just emailed her with my bg's readings and questions,
and she emailed me back with basal rate adjustments and answers to my

It's been great to be able to work at home and adjust to the pump at the
same time.  I just started working form home in January.  Even if I was
still traveling to my office, I don't think I'd take any extra days
off.  I wanted to keep my routine as "normal like" as possible during my
"profile adjustment phase."  In other words I kept all normal activities
the same as before I went on the pump as I did after I started it.  YMMV
of course.  Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

I too was a bit overwhelmed with all the information I needed to absorb,
but I'm doing better now and it's all starting to make sense.  I bought
a carb counting book that has helped my immensely.

I love my pump and the flexibility that goes along with it.

Becky D.
Sam Skopp wrote:

> At 04/20/1998 - 08:51 AM JRichardson wrote:
> <big snips>
> >If I can give you any advice, mine would be to try and take a week off work
> >to have some time to adjust without being bothered with your work
> >commitments. This will allow you to adjust to the attachment factor on your
> >own and monitor your sugars and do the initial set changes without any time
> >constraints.
> Thanks for the advice. Since I work from home, I'm wondering if I still
> need to plan on taking some time off from work or not. My work is not
> physically demanding, just a lot of phone & computer activities.

Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
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