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Fwd: [IP] Re: pumping experience

I will work on the post for the pumping page.  I do not have the capability to
add a picture as of yet...but I am working on that one.

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> Darren has become a new person since pumping.  If you ask him, he has not
> changed...but let me tell you, he is soooo happy.  He had lost his happiness
> and he didn't know it.  He would have extreme mood swings on MDI and not
> know it.  One minute he would be happy and playing the next sulking on the
> couch for no apparent reason.  Of course I knew it was because his bg was
> soaring, but if I offered that advice...I was being pushy.  Since being on
> pump, we don't have mood swings.  He is always happy.  When I ask him to
> just because, he says sure and has no problems doing it.  He also loves
> sleeping in.  He has been on Easter break and has slept in almost every day.
> And  I am at ease with it.  I don't squirm because he is missing his morning
Please save the whole story for the Kids Pumping page.  I would love 
to have Darren's story.  

How about spiffing it up and sending me a picture too.


Michael <email @ redacted>

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