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Hi Sam,

You sound a lot like myself about 5 weeks ago. I have been pumping for 3 
weeks now. The month leading up to actually ordering the pump and reading 
everything on this web-site was a little overwhelming and I began to wonder 
if I was in fact doing the right thing or was I crazy and going to regret 
it. I was also extremely nervous the day of training with these same 

The first 3 days were a little trying on the nerves, only because I was 
expecting everything to go wrong. (namely an alarm going off at work or a 
problem changing the infusion site, maybe an infection) I was very 
paranoid, until my nurse/trainer finally told me "alarms don't go off on a 
regular basis, so relax."

Well let me tell you, pumping is the BEST and I love it. I have not had 1 
single problem. You'll be amazed at how easy and comfortable it is to 
change the infusion sets. Completely painless. There has been an immediate 
sense of freedom with regard to eating at regular times. I have not fluc  
tuated my meals a lot yet, but, what I have done has made me feel great. 
That sense of urgency has disappeared upon arriving home at 6:00PM from 
work with 2 kids in tow and trying to have dinner on the table by 6:30 PM 
while avoiding a dropping blood sugar.

If I can give you any advice, mine would be to try and take a week off work 
to have some time to adjust without being bothered with your work 
commitments. This will allow you to adjust to the attachment factor on your 
own and monitor your sugars and do the initial set changes without any time 

I was very, very  hesitant when making this decision and now that I've 
begun pumping I can't believe all Diabetics wouldn't want to control their 
Diabetes this way. Being attached to the pump every day is a small price to 
pay for the added freedom in lifestyle.

Also, you had mentioned, it's hard to relate when you haven't seen any of 
this stuff (re: infusion sets, pumps etc.) I agree. I was initially 
expecting to have a garden hose hanging out of my stomach. I was shocked 
when I first saw the infusion sets. The tubing is so thin and pliable, it 
is truly amazing in my mind. The pump does look like the pictures, very 
similar to a pager.

I don't know if any of this information has helped or not, but if I can be 
of any help, please feel free to e-mail me privately or on the board.

Bye for now,

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