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[IP] Re:air bubbles

	Bob, this does not sound like a good idea.  First vigorous shaking
for 10 sec is enough time to begin to denature some of the insulin.  This
should NEVER be done.  Second, there are really no bubbles trapped in the
insulin--just dissolved air.  When you shake the bottle you just make a
foam, but when you let it settle down, exactly the same amount of air is
still in solution.  (Think of shaking a sealed Coke bottle--bubbles form,
but then they settle down, and when you open it the soda is just as fizzy).
Third, lowering the bottle pressure by sucking out the air could help, but
this would take much longer than a few min for it to be effective.
	For me, the solution is just to inject air and withdraw insulin
slowly.   Then GENTLY tap and squirt out any bubbles outside of the bottle.

<<<<From: "Bob Burnett" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Bubbles in the Cartridge

1) Take the bottle of cold insulin and shake it vigorously for approximately
10 seconds. You will notice a lot of bubbles in the bottle at this point.
That's good, because it means the bubbles are not trapped in the insulin any

2) Let the bottle warm for a couple minutes, until the bubbles start to
settle down and mostly disappear.

3)  Insert the needle into the bottle and withdraw a *full* reservoir /
cartridge of air from the bottle. This is usually 3.0 ml. for the MiniMed,
or 3.15 ml. for the Disetronic. This will create a bit of a vacuum in the
bottle. Remember from science class that a vacuum is the absence of air (or
a definition close to this). And you thought that little tid bit of
information would never be useful again? Ha ;-)  >>>>

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