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Re: [IP] Re: sites for lean pumpers (and children!)

Buddy Barber wrote:
> >I have told MiniMed before that they should make a shorter cannula for the
> >sofsets.
> >This whould be a wonderful thing instead of sore muscles and sites.
> This is just a question "UNDERSTAND"? A question. . . . .
>     What if this skinny Mickey or Minney wanted to take a brand new softset
> and a pair of his/her mothers SHARP sissors. Unrap a brand new Softset and
> withdraw the insertion needle back far enough to take these "sharp sissors
> and clip say .125 (1/8th. of an inch) of the canula off the end. Then slide
> the titroducer needle back into the canula and then proceed as usual with
> the priming and inseration of the modified infusion set?

Not a good idea, Buddy. The canula would likely pick up germs if you used
scissors. Besides which it might not survive insertion, the length is
rather necessary for that. Much better idea is to use Silhouettes, Tenders, 
or Comfort sets (all the same thing) becayuse they WORK!

Ted Quick
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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