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Re: [IP] Bubbles in the Cartridge

> Hi John
> I am new to this group. In your last post you mentioned spreading the
> lubricant around in the mimimed cartridge. Have you had problems with the
> resevoirs in the past?
> Brenda

Brenda, welcome:

There was a bit of discussion a few weeks ago: some people were getting
No Delivery alarms on the Minimed when the insulin was low, but not
empty. There could be many causes of this, but last week I received a
letter from Minimed in Germany (where I live) advising people to push
the plunger in and out a few times to smear the lubricant around more
evenly. The letter also included a warning that reusing the cartridge
several times could lead to false No Delivery alarms...

I have absolutely no evidence for this, but is it possible that Minimed
have reduced the amount of lubricant in order to stop people re-using
the cartridge and reducing their profits? It's just a thought. Minimed
have every right to make a good profit (which they do!), but if it is
causing people to have false No Delivery alarms first time round, then
this is wrong.

Has this general warning been issued in the US? Have any old-timers here
noticed an increase in false ND alarms in recent months?

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