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Re: [IP] Nighttime highs

If her basals are right it sounds like it could be dinner.  First, though, check the basals.  Pumping Insulin or Michael's great HOWTo will help you do this.  She will, though, need to skip dinner one night.

Then,  if those work.  What do you eat for dinner?  If you are eating either a heavy meal (a mixture of carbs, complex carbs, protein and fat), a high fat meal, or just a large meal it could cause later highs.  For instance, if you ate dinner between 5:30 and 6:30 PM and had Macaroni and Cheese and a salad, Stephanie would probably find that her bolus accounts for only part or most of the carbs in that meal.  10:00-12:00 (4-6 hours later) is about how long it takes for fat to start hitting your blood stream or a combo like the first one above.  If that's the problem the square wave bolus on the minimed 507 (which I don't have) should help lots.  Or, you can manually give small boluses along the way or set a high temp basal rate.  For meals like this, velosulin is often easier because it does have the time spread (peak 2-4 hours, last 6-8hours).  She could simply take a velosulin shot.

Best of luck,


email @ redacted wrote:

 Judy My daughter, Stephanie, age 8.5, started pumping March 24. She too experiences an interesting phenomena between 10 pm and midnight. We have been adjusting her basals up and up trying to even things out, and she still runs around 200 - 220. we're being cautious in our adjustments...seems my husband and I can only wake up so many times to check her at night, but feel we are getting close to getting her set. Her 9 pm - 11pm basals are not quite twice (but it looks like 200% may be the magic number) what the rest of her night time basals are. Do other kids or adults have this "nightime thing" going on? Betsy