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Re: [IP] Recent Hospitalization

> Lurking Lynne here,
>    Hi again.  I have read almost every post in last couple months. As you may
> (or may not) recall,  I am the one whose right arm was "flopping oddly about".
>    After 4 months of NO bone growth, and separation of break, I had surgery
> last week (4-7) to place a 'hollow nail' down shaft of arm.  I spoke to my
> Ortho prior to surgery about pump and he wrote orders to leave pump in place
> and that I was to decide on amts of insulin to take and when to check bg.

Hi there Lurking Lynne!  Glad to hear that surgery on the pump went well
for you.  I just had surgery on my knee last Tuesday and was nervous
about being able to keep my pump attached and administer it myself.  I'm
happy to report that everything went very well.  My bg just before
surgery was 178 (exactly the same as you!).  I had lowered my am profile
and was extremely nervous due to a previous surgery experience in 1982
with Dr. Death and Nurse Ratchet  (explained in a previous post).  

Hope you have a speedy recovery and feel well soon!!

Becky D.

Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted

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