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Re: [IP] exercise....

Delaine Wright wrote:
>         I can most definately understand the frustration that some of us
> experience with blood sugar control / pumping & exercise.  The physiology
> of exercise (even without diabetes in the picture!) is quite
> remarkable..... and amazingly complex.   What we are attempting to do, not
> only as diabetics, but as pumpers (especially in regards to exercise)
> deserves a standing ovation & an never-ending round of applause!  If I may
> share some ex phys with those of you interested - perhaps this may make
> some of your exercise sessions a little smoother.  It may explain some of
> the seemingly inexplainable highs(?), & perhaps even a reason for the
> occasional "disappearing boluses"(?) discussed in the past on this list.

Geez Delaine, that explanation was pretty thorough.  I took a lot of
physiology, anatomy, and bio classes in college.  Your explanation
sounds pretty accurate to me.  Thanks for your post.

Good luck with the CDE Exam.

Becky D.
Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
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