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Re: [IP] Kids Carb/Insulin ratios and BG/Insulin ratios PARENTS PLEASE


My daughter Megan, 6 years old, dx 12/93, pumping 4 weeks

1.   1 unit reduces bs by 150
2.    yes this is proven to be accurate.
3.    mealtime bolus-   1 unit=50 g carbo   breakfast
                                 1 unit=45g carbo   lunch
                                 1 unit=30g carbo   dinner
                                .3 unit=15 g carbo  snack
4. yes this is accurate
5. total dose= 9.9 units        6.6 basal(4 basal rates) and 3.0 meals  .3

Have a good day-we are finally getting used to the pump. WE LOVE IT!!!!

Judy Cunningham

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