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Re: [IP] Re: pumping experience

   great post!!!....in a few brief paragraphs, you've summed up my philosophy
of why it's reprehensible (SAT word!!) for a ped. endo to REFUSE to put a
teen-ager or even a young child of a motivated, well-informed, "together",
responsible family on a pump.....These docs are truly CLUELESS at how
dramatically it can alter a child's life.  I concur with everything you've
said: I don't think Melissa had any idea how morose and basically b--tchy she
was walking around with the same kinds of bgs your son was tolerating as their
    also loved your comment about "hitting a few bumps, smoothing them out &
just moving on": precisely what I love about the pump- the ability to DO
SOMETHING to remedy the situation on the spot...
    and final comment: After yrs of living with one eye on the clock & the
other on my message machine if I stepped out, MY personal moment of freedom
came the day I realized I hadn't thought about Melissa & her diabetes all
day!!!! To me, that says it all!!!...
    keep up the good work & welcome to the Pump Bandwagon- there's always room
for more!!!

Regards, Renee (15 yr old Melissa's mom)
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