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Re: [IP] Re: pumping experience

Darren has become a new person since pumping.  If you ask him, he has not
changed...but let me tell you, he is soooo happy.  He had lost his happiness
and he didn't know it.  He would have extreme mood swings on MDI and not even
know it.  One minute he would be happy and playing the next sulking on the
couch for no apparent reason.  Of course I knew it was because his bg was
soaring, but if I offered that advice...I was being pushy.  Since being on the
pump, we don't have mood swings.  He is always happy.  When I ask him to test
just because, he says sure and has no problems doing it.  He also loves
sleeping in.  He has been on Easter break and has slept in almost every day.
And  I am at ease with it.  I don't squirm because he is missing his morning
shot.  The pump just delivers it for him.  He also likes eating when he wants,
not because he is on a schedule.  Freedom is the only true word to express
what has happened to our family since the pump.  

As far as site preperations, he pretty much does it himself.  I am there for
moral support, but he preps and inserts his own sites.  He hasn't had the
situation arise as of yet where he has had to change his site when he is not
home.  However, I have every confidence that he would wiggle through it just
fine.  If not, I know he would pick up a needle and do the injections...he
doen't like being high anymore.  It is kind of funny, because for the past
three years prior to the pump, he ran on the high side.  By that I mean in the
high 100's to low 200's.  Now that he is pumping, he is in the low 100's most
of the time and he likes the way he feels.  I guess it goes back to the mood
swings.  So when he is high for some unexplained reason, he breaks out the
needle and takes a shot and then finds the problem with the pump, site, rates
etc.. and fixes it.

So can you tell, we are very happy so far with our pumping experience?!  We
have hit a few bumps but we have smoothed them out and keep on going.

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