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Re: [IP] Bubbles in the Cartridge

Mad Katie wrote:

> I have found that bubbles tend to stay in the cartridge. When I prime, I do
> thump the pump on my leg to knock as many bubbles into the tubing and out as
> possible but if a bubble remains in the cartridge I do not worry about it. So
> far that bubble can always be found in the cartridge when the empty cartridge
> alarm sounds.
> Katie

This is my biggest problem when set changing. A 5 minute set change
suddenly becomes a 30 minute set change. The more I flick the cartridge,
the more the bubbles seem to foam and split up. And then they stick to
side of the cartridge...  Then one day later then little bubbles have
reformed a big bubble and it's got into the tubing... I once had an
unexpected high in the morning which I put down to a large bubble in the
tubing: 1 unit = 2 inchs of tubing bubble, so a 6 inch bubble is going
to deny my 3 units of insulin, and over night at 0.6 iu/h that's 5 hours
without insulin!

I've found being very slow and steady seems to pay off. I reckon that
the lubricant inside the Minimed cartridge (which of course we now
spread around so nicely...) attracts the bubbles and repels the liquid,
making the problem a lot worse.

When you're mixing H&R you haven't got the option of squirting it back
into the vial and starting again. I've thought of premixing my H&R in
its own bottle to make filling easier.


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