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Re: [IP] Airport Security Gates

Judy wrote:

> The DCCT suggested that I always travel with 3 times the amt of supplies
> needed. In the USA I would double, traveling in 3rd world countries I tripled
> the amount. Not once did I regret having too much supplies, I have, however,
> regretted on occasion, not having had enough supplies.  You can double and a
> half.  Just compromise a little (LOL).
> Judy

3 times may sound ultra-cautious (Sara?), but I suppose it could really
save your neck if you are away from Western medical services.

Work out the expense, hassle, inconvenience, embarrassment etc of
something going wrong that you weren't prepared for.
The stress and change of climate causes your insulin dose to double, and
you run out, and have to waste a day searching for local doctors and
drug stores...
your trusty glucose meter decides to breakdown, and none of the local
drugstores sells that model...

Compare that with the hassle and inconvenience of taking loads of
supplies you never use.
Lugging an extra bag around or taking one less jumper...

And somewhere in between we find our own balance?


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