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[IP] Exercise

Hello Bob Wietzman-
Welcome to our not-so-little group!  As Buddy said, here is someone who wants
to milk your brain already.  I noticed you are an avid skiier and I have on a
somewhat relentless search of the exercise pheonomenon common to many (all?)
diabetics of those rising BG after a session of intense exercise.  (I am not
an avid skiier, but I do do enough exercise to 'qualify' as a 'practicing'
diabetic !)  My BG is normal before exercise, during exercise and after
exercise (we're talking about 100 mg/dcl) Two hours after the exercise regime-
and only when it's an intensive regime- my BG starts rising. I do load carbos
prior to starting, (fast acting grape juice, and a cheese sandwich for long
acting - NO bolus) and I reduce my basal rates during exercise.  I just wonder
how or if it's possible to keep that BG normal ? Last night I tracked how much
extra insulin I need to bring it down to normal again and had thought about
just programming a temporary basal rate to cover that amount over the next 4

I have become somewhat of a 'rabid dog' about this.  I don't know if this
happens to everyone that does intense exercise, or if it's just what my body
finds intense (I am really out of shape), whether it changes over time (if I
get fit will it stop rising?).  I do know that there are other things
(hormones?) that cause my liver to 'dump' and my BG to go up-- cortisone shots
for one , but I want the bottom line on this- is this something that's
independent of my diabetes (in that it happens to other skiiers, and runners
but their bodies regulate it normally and mine doesn't?)   

Well this isn't all directed at you Bob-- don't mean to overwhelm you, but I
still haven't  had this question answered to my satisfaction.  So I persist.
There's gotta be away around this, and I wanna know what it is.
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