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[IP] New Update

Pumpers & Friends,
    Welcome to all the new members. Michael,  you have done a great job with
the web-site .....How To's.... I needed to start all over again with new
basal rates the things on the site did help me plus getting out the plan
rates I start on many years ago. I did have to factor in getting calories by
the TPN  but at 37.5 per hr. it was mostly a wash. I lost 40+ lb.. in ten
days (most of it water) They are upping  the calories after I did some (very
loud) talking to them, I was turning the pump off to get the BS to go up for
active so I did not go low.  I also got out the pure glucose & mix it with
water and  2oz. ,the BS goes up 60 to 75 .  I'm happy to say that I have not
been lower than 76 in the past  week. Most have been between 76-175, the
MD's tells me to up it to 100-200. I will try this weekend but I'm feeling
better. The TPN is not something I would wish on anybody but it has given me
a change to get better. For a time I was afraid I was going to Die. And
having two pumps going at the same time, it has been hard to find something
to wear all the time. I got out a old fishing vest, it works great.
    Great things are happening with the group, ....a.Baby.. (you are it my
prayers).... Kids starting on pumps... ( all most every new IDDM should  be
started on one, go for the GOLD right from the start)....new members from
all over the world..... and  MD's too.
Does anyone in the group do or know anyone who has intraperitoneal  catheter
to deliver to the liver? I know it was done in Europe......and trips there
too...Tip call your pump maker and ask about world service too. I did have a
problem  over the water and I got help from them with finding a MD &
supplies too. Well, thank  too all who have send notes  to see how I doing,
The RN just left and it is 230am and I going to go to organizational pump
support meeting that is starting in Omaha today at Diabetes Education Center
of the Midlands at 2974 s. 84th street  at 900am. Rose hope to see up at the
meeting.  So Remember too..............

                    SMILE & BE HAPPY

                        Rodney    '-{ )     P+2

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