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Re: [IP] Getting anxious

To Sam the "Professional Worrywart",
I'm don't know if you are lucky or not, to have time to think about getting
the pump.  In this forum I have never told anyone how I got on the pump,
because I guess I couldn't then be considered a "card-carrying pumper".  I was
already hospitalized with DKA last year.  My insurance company forced an endo
on me that I didn't know.  He just ordered the pump!  No discussion, no
history taking, etc, etc.  I was too sick to object, also too sick to
understand most of the teaching.  Since I'm an RN he assumed I would catch on
quickly and be compliant.  I did niether.  I was sick, and scared.  I was sent
home as soon as I was stable.  I was re-admitted within 2 days because I had
not inserted the bent needle correctly or something stupid like that.  I
didn't get enough time with the only nurse that understood the pump (she works
for that Endo and goes to all his hospitals).  Anyway, I was forced on the
pump.  Within 6 months I realized the pump was the best thing that happened to
me and that Endo was one of the crummiest dr's, bar none, that I had ever
dealt with.  Today, I still use my Docs, CDE from DCCT at Northwestern and
have a local Endo who is great.  Good luck.  If I could do it, you can.
Believe me.  
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