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Re: Gram scales[IP] Re:

I wasn't comfortable addressing some issues brought up here because most of
you seem to have much better HgbA1C's than I do.  I don't ever use a scale.  I
check the packaging and take it from there.  Carbo counting isn't too
difficult for me.  I've had such a dramatic drop in all my numbers since the
pump but not like some of you.  I'm almost afraid of having a Hgb A1C of 6.
My endos in Chicago used to try to keep me at just under 200 because during
the DCCT studies, they saw my blood sugars drop so dramatically with R, within
15 minutes.  They were pretty shocked by how sensitive I was to R.  That's why
after the study was over they thought I wasn't a good candidate for the pump.
They were pleasantly surprised at my success with the pump.
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