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[IP] shorter silhouette???

Hi Bill...someone mentioned something that might be interesting to you
and minimed...they suggested shorter silhouette sets for children and
lean pumpers because they have a problem finding enough subq to inject
the current silhouette needle into...i don't know if this would be
feasible because you may need the cannula length to keep the cannula
inserted but i was thinking  that putting a piece of tape over the
connection end (the part that stays on the body) of the infusion set
would further secure the cannula so it would not work its way out...( i
have had a few sets that the cannula has partially worked its way back
thru the hole in the plastic window)...if you have any questions about
what i am trying to get across feel free to email me...this was kind of a
brainstorm session so someone outside my brain might not understand my
reasoning...hee hee...another tip i have learned is not to pinch the skin
up when inserting the silhouette...that really makes it hurt...but rather
to stretch the skin taunt...although i may be comparing apples to oranges
because when i used the pinch method i was in the glucose sensor study
and i was not yet on the pump to know how silhouettes compare to the
sensors in pain...ps...i sent the no delivery alarm silhouette set to
sylmar...i hope that was the correct address...i figured that they would
be able to forward it to you if it was incorrect.

Michelle Piper formerly Michelle Rands
email @ redacted 

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