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Re: [IP] good news/bad news

Dear Harriet:

First of all congrats on the good news - that is really great!

On the bad news...don't be too worried.  I hope I answered some of your
questions the other day, but if you have any other questions or concerns let
me know.  I understnad about giving over yor control to someone else...DON'T
IF YOU DON'T WANT TO.  Monitor your sugars every2-3 hours the night before
making sure you are holding about 160 (or whereever your endo suggests - you
don't want to be low during surgery), then tell them and make sure your doctor
knows that you want SALINE IV.  You don NOT need dextrose IV since you will be
able to eat lunch following the operation...good thing your eyes are bandaged
cuz the meal will probably suck. 

Ask your CDE friend or a family member to go with you to the actual surgery,
then beg for permission to have them join you in recovery when you come out of
the surgery.  The allowed my sister to do that - she read the meter and
programmed the boluses I told her (between the dry heaves I had - I was
allergic to the anesthesia...and it is kinda scary to have the heaves when you
know your eyeball has just been stitched up - I was more worried about my eye
exploding than embarrassing myself by vomiting everywhere!  Funny how your
prioriites can shift at the darnedest times!)

Even later in the day, I couldn't see cuz I was bandaged up, but _I_ did the
poking for blood and the trained professional nurse just read the results.
Then I told her what to program on my pump...and I counted the clicks to make
sure she did it right!

Check your bill when you get out - my hospital had the gall to charge me for
my blood tests - I used my meter adn my poker...adn they charged me $15 for
every one.  My insurance compnay was so happy when I told them that I had been
over charged, they sent me HALF what they would have had to pay!  talk about

Anyway...stay calm - it sucks, and puts a damper on your sex life  (if you
have one) for a few weeks, and you may have other complications (though I hope
not), but at least you wont go blind like you would have 20 years ago.

Been there, done that, go tthe t-shirt

*-)=8 xoxx
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