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Re: [IP] Airport Security Gates

Dear Ruth:

First of all, you don't want to skimp, of course, but be realistic!  You are
not going to Bangladesh, where some of your needs may be more difficult to
obtain.  You are going to a somewhat (sorry John) civilized, modern country.
And many things you need will be avaialble - maybe at a greater cost.

Lay it all out on the bed...what you  would normally use for 36 days, then add
the things that will be tougher to get - infusion sets, resevoir syringes.
don't take tons of insulin and extra prescription meds - just bring the
written prescription with the generic name - some meds are known as different
brand names oin other countries

How many site sets?  If I was going on a 5 week trip, I figure I will be
changing sites 2 times per week, MAX since a site usually lasts 5-7 days, but
tubing probably only 1 time a week. Then I'll add maybe 3-4.  I ALWAYS reuse
the reservoir syringe at least once and usually twice - as long as the o-rings
are still looking good.  I bring Bard for all those changes (10) + 4-6 more -
whatever I grab.  Same with alcohol wipes, but usually add more cuz they come
in handy to clean your face when you are gritty.  1 bottle of insulin would be
almost enough, so I would bring 2, MAYBE 3, but doubtful considering you can
use regular old Regular insulin in the pump and you can get that in England.
1 change of batteries, since a set usually lasts 5-7 weeks, and you can buy
batteries in england.  I bring about 25% EXTRA Strips, and an extra meter, but
you can buy meters there - seen em and priced em in pharmacys all over
England, Scotland and France

Then I add 10 old fashioned insulin syringes.  JUST in ase the pump fails or I
run out of pump supplies, or WHATEVER, a syringe can be reused several times
and get you out of whatever crisis may be impending.

I am stingy with supplies the first part of a trip - see how much I can
squeeze out of a site or a set - knowing I have enough to cover me...then I
can unlax the last part of the trip.  god knows vacation is not a time to have
to worry about something like this!!!  Though, since this is your honeymoon,
you may be ripping more sites out than the normal person.  <wink wink>
In my carry on bag, I take all prescrip. meds (and I gotta bunch of them),
insulin and regular syringes and enough site changes to get me thru about 1/3
of the trip/.  That way if they do lose (NOTE SPELLING EVERYONE) my backpack,
I will have enough to tide me over til they find it.  Throw in a book, my
camera, some snacks and my wallet and I'm good to go - this is usually a large
beach bag/school bag type of thing

I do NOT take books on carb counting or pump maintenance or anything like
I do not bring the special cold packs for the insulin - but then who knows for
Humalog - don't worry about the velosulin.


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