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Re: [IP] Airport Security Gates

> Ruth, I agree with Janet. Don't skimp on any pump supply.  You will not be abe
> to find a replacement in any other country.  I've traveled all over the place,
> and gotten myself in some tight situations, and really regretted not taking
> enough test strips, etc.

What do people here believe is a suitable safety margin? I suppose
everyone has there own "margin of error" and it'll depend where you're
going. I always find that it's precisely when I'm away from home that
the unexpected will happen: a few No Delivery's requiring extra set
changes... Swimming, humid climate makes set fall out... I tend to take
DOUBLE the infusion sets I think I will need. And for blood testing may
be half as much again as I think I'll need.

I had an unexpected phone call recently which meant I had to be out of
the house in 15 minutes for a 2 week trip. It's amazing how quickly you
can pack when you're against the clock! I remembered everything, but
ended up with 2 months supplies by mistake...


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