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Re: [IP] Getting anxious

> If you think I'm anxious, you ought to talk to my wife (she does have a
> name: Trish). She is not really positive about me going on the pump. My
> sister tried one... maybe 15 (or more) years ago, when they were really
> huge. She hated it and got really upset with having to wear it all the
> time (she went back to shots). Trish thinks I'm going to feel the same
> way about it. Yes, I've shown her all the pictures of how small they
> are... she still has major doubts.

The smaller size makes a difference. The fact that "everyone" wears a pager
or cellphone these days and so the pump isn't very noticable makes a

The MAJOR factor for me is the disconnectable infusion sets. I started
pumping 3 years ago, before the quick release sets were out. I essentially
had to give up swimming, because it was so much trouble to time changing my
infusion sets with going in the pool. (I had/have a Minimed 506, which is
not waterproof, and there's no way I could swim with a sportguard. Too big,
too bulky, too much drag.) Showering was a pain, too. Now I just
disconnect, swim, reconnect, and bolus (YMMV) for missed basal insulin.

It's only an hour a day, a few times a week, but not wearing the pump for
that hour is pretty important to me. 

I wouldn't base any judgements on what anyone said about pumping prior to
disconnectable sets. 

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