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RE: [IP] Getting anxious

At 04/17/1998 - 11:03 AM Bob Burnett wrote:
>1)  Your signature indicates you are a "gizmo freak and computer geek".
>These are not pre requisite personal characteristics for pumping, but they
>can be helpful ... (coming from another gizmo freak and "used to be a
>computer geek, now mostly management" type guy). Pumps are gizmos ;-)

Yes, I love electronic stuff...  One thing, though, I'm hoping that I'm not
getting the pump just because it would be a fun new "toy". I don't think so...
after all it's a lot more of a life/death matter than a new stereo or
hard-drive. I'm not afraid to try different things and ask questions
(persistent tinkerer). That's how I learned computers. 

>2)  You have a sense of humor. This will also get you over some of the bumps
>and tight spots. Even though we might get a bit cranky at times, I think
>you'll find a pretty good dose of humor sometimes helps as much as a
>supplemental bolus ;-)

I do have a warped sense of humor (according to my wife...) I can get pretty
cranked up too... especially when my BG's get all out of whack. I'll take the
bolus any time.

>3)  You are anxious. Someone else mentioned this is important, because it
>means you are thinking about this "change". I agree that this anxiety is
>also a healthy sign. Diving into something without first considering all
>facets of the change is not the best way to approach things.

If you think I'm anxious, you ought to talk to my wife (she does have a name:
Trish). She is not really positive about me going on the pump. My sister tried
one... maybe 15 (or more) years ago, when they were really huge. She hated it
and got really upset with having to wear it all the time (she went back to
shots). Trish thinks I'm going to feel the same way about it. Yes, I've shown
her all the pictures of how small they are... she still has major doubts. 

>4)  You're not afraid to speak about your anxiety and concerns regarding
>this change. This hints that you'll probably continue to communicate and ask
>for assistance when needed - also good signs. You probably know by now that
>most of us will not hesitate to respond to your questions, so you've already
>got a large team working with you.

I've been asking questions on-line since the late 1980's. Don't be too
inviting, or I may make a real pest of myself.

>5)  You're right about "the ostrich approach". This doesn't work at all.

Except for Ostriches.

(who should be working instead of writing this email)

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