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Re: [IP] Getting anxious

At 04/17/1998 - 12:03 PM Janet Wiener wrote:

>Minimed's "starter kit" includes samples of all the different infusion
>sets, different kinds of tape, batteries for 6 months, a leather case,
>etc. They will also probably ship you several months worth of
>supplies. However, if they ship you sofsets, and you decide you prefer
>silhouettes, you just call them and they'll exchange the unused boxes of
>sofsets for silhouettes at no charge. (I think they even pay the

Thanks. That's good to know about. I had no idea what came with the meter. I
had sort of assumed that it was shipped like a "barbie doll"... the basic unit
with all accessories sold separately. 

(old librarians never die... we just file away)

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