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[IP] Re: Lurker Laurel's fears

Laurel -- your fears are normal. Yes, pumping is a lot of work, but it gets
easier as you do it. If you want really great fine-tuning, it helps to do
everything Pumping Insulin suggests. But if you don't do it (fast, for
example), it's not a disaster. It's just not guaranteed to be better than

I do find that using a food scale that measures in grams, and using carb
factors, is MUCH more accurate than using exchanges. 

As far as my fears went: I have not yet had a skin infection (after 3+
years). I got used to having the pump attached fairly quickly. Having
disconnectable sets (for showering, swimming, trying on clothes) helps. 

And: There's no such thing as a "bad" pumper! 

Btw, I also eat a lot of junk food, particularly ice cream. As long as I
bolus for it (accurately), my bg does fine. :-) The pump has made bolusing
for each bite SO much easier.

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