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Re: [IP] Food scale information

    Just for some other view point. . . .  . I bought a balance scale at a
Pawn shop in Houston a few months back.  I paid $45.00 for it. It is a Ohaus
brand, 700 series and will weigh over 5 pounds. I can weigh a butterfly wing
on it! Seriously. I used it a good bit when I first started pumping but in
my humble opinion I don't see the need to get that precise with these
measurements. It is the only way to go as far as weighing small amounts of
anything (5#'s or less).
    I would check out the pawn shops first cuz three a lot of "fat gals"
that have fell off the wagon and don't want the scales looking them in the
face all the time! They will sell them cheap. you just have to be aware this
is part of the trade tools for some people that sell their products by grams
and some people may look at you funny when you inquire about such precise
tools. Ha.

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