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RE: [IP] Getting anxious


Several things are already in your favor re: pumping:

1)  Your signature indicates you are a "gizmo freak and computer geek".
These are not pre requisite personal characteristics for pumping, but they
can be helpful ... (coming from another gizmo freak and "used to be a
computer geek, now mostly management" type guy). Pumps are gizmos ;-)
2)  You have a sense of humor. This will also get you over some of the bumps
and tight spots. Even though we might get a bit cranky at times, I think
you'll find a pretty good dose of humor sometimes helps as much as a
supplemental bolus ;-)
3)  You are anxious. Someone else mentioned this is important, because it
means you are thinking about this "change". I agree that this anxiety is
also a healthy sign. Diving into something without first considering all
facets of the change is not the best way to approach things.
4)  You're not afraid to speak about your anxiety and concerns regarding
this change. This hints that you'll probably continue to communicate and ask
for assistance when needed - also good signs. You probably know by now that
most of us will not hesitate to respond to your questions, so you've already
got a large team working with you.
5)  You're right about "the ostrich approach". This doesn't work at all.

You have some concerns because of your history of varying BG levels and
insulin requirements. Pumping should help regulate this considerably.
Pumping may not eliminate all of the variation (my BGs still vary), but your
trends should become much more predictable, with fewer unpleasant surprises.
I spent most of my life in a similar pattern of wide variations in BG levels
and corresponding insulin requirements. It is frustrating and at times,
downright scary. It finally got to the point for me where I was literally
afraid to go to sleep at night because I did not know if I would wake up
"partying with the paramedics". It's sometimes difficult to put a price on
peace of mind, but I sure have more of it now that I'm pumping.

Many of us have been through this period of "pre pump concern". Some of us
may ultimately do better than others with all the pumping details, but I
think we are all survivors, which says a lot. Keep talking to us ;-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

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