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Re: [IP] S.O.S from new pumper

Sounds like you are doing terrific!  The bubbles in the resevoirs can be really
annoying.  It helps lots of you turn the insulin directly upside down after you
inject the air (and inject the air vertically -- straight up and down).  Then,
keep the resevoir vertical and snap your fingernail against it-- hard.  Repeat
this until you get all the bubbles in the top of the syringe.  (It really is ok if
you miss a few small ones -- they don't seem to cause much problems).  Then push
the bubbly insulin out the top of the syringe.  You do loose between 1 and 10
units of insulin this way but it is so much easier than anything else.  The snaps
against the side of the syringe allow the air to rise to the top and you can
repeat this at any stage of the game.

Best of luck,


Rmhb1126 wrote:

> Group question:
>     I'm "cutting & pasting" together here excerpts from my friend Cindi's e-
> mail about her daughter Ashley's experience starting on the pump this week.
> BTW, Ashley is the "youngest pumper at age 12" mentioned in my letter from
> Joslin (from Ashley's doc I believe)..Thought you'd all appreciate the mom's
> perspective!..Cindi doesn't have the time to join the board right now so I'ave
> been forwarding to her (and about a dozen others) pertinent posts, but today
> she ran into an issue that I couldn't answer since my 15 yr old Melissa does
> all her set changes "in privacy"!! LOL..
>     So if anyone can offer Cindi & Ashley some advice about the filling of the
> reservoirs, you can e-mail her directly at     email @ redacted
> Make sure you type in the "underline mark" or it won't get there!!!...
> When I think back when the word "pump" wasn't even in our
> vocabulary..........and if Jeff hadn't started the CWD chat
> thing...........and I hadn't tapped into the resources & info that folks so
> willingly share.......we'd still be ripping out our hair on this end with
> the montrous bgs we've been dealing with!!!  Yes, what a difference already
> in A's bgs!!
> I know Joslin is very reluctant about pumping for kids..........I guess we
> had all the right stuff as Ashley was approved.  It's my understanding that
> she is Joslin's youngest pumper, so we have to work extra hard to prove by
> Ashley's success that kids younger than her should be afforded the chance.
> This much I WILL do, I WILL make it my personal cause to prove that any age
> "kid" should be afforded the opportunity to pump
> Ashley started H on Tuesday, 4/14 - she nearly floored the CDE & MMed rep
> with her "expertise" at changing her infusion set!!  But, naturally, what
> DID they expect, an fumbling fool?????  I managed to sit there with a
> plastic smile on my face, like a cat who got the canary.  Seriously, the
> CDE & MMed rep (who is a pump user) have been wonderful to us.  The rep was
> there on 4/09 & 4/14 and will be there when we return on 4/23.  Talk about
> customer service!!  And not to mention, because the rep is a pumper, she
> can offer alternative suggestions through her personal experience, etc.
> I was cautioned by Dr. M on 4/09 to address all pump issues with them (not
> those of you who know what-the-hell they're doing)........I assured her
> that I would address all pump issues of a medical nature (i.e., basals &
> boluses, etc.) to her or the CDE, BUT I would continue to seek support from
> experienced people...........if looks could kill, I'd have been prostrate
> on the floor!  I think she decided NOT to pursue it with me, after the
> clipped manner by which I responded to her.  I'm not kidding, if they think
> they are going to own us, forget it!  They should be grovelling to me,
> since Ashley will now prove just how wrong they are about kids being "too
> young", etc.
> I do need a little "help"...........I think MMed sent me the
> reservoirs-from-hell (but I know it's really me)!  Keep in mind, Ashley did
> her 4th infusion set change since starting the pump on 4/09 this
> morning.....I always fill the reservoirs, since to us, this is clearly the
> most challenging part of pumping (so far) - Humalog was at room
> temp.......I had bubbles all over the place.  When I tapped on the
> reservoir to get them to disperse, I knocked the needle right off of the
> reservoir & Humalog went all over the place!!!  2nd reservoir I perfectly
> filled, no bubbles, so I thought.......attached it to the softset, inserted
> it into the pump & I saw a big bubble that wasn't there before (grrrrrr)!!
> Third reservoir.............OK.  So it cost me 2 reservoirs & 1 softset
> just to get one reservoir filled!!  We had NO problems either 4/09 or 4/14
> infront of the CDE (mercifully!).  So what I'm asking is:  Do you have any
> tricks to this otherwise nearly impossible feat (filling reservoirs)??
> Tho' I will never admit it to Joslin, the initial preparations to pumping,
> are in fact exhausting!  Ashley does 12 bgs per day & will continue to do
> so until all adjustments have been made & rates established.  This means I
> get up at 12 mid-night and 3 a.m. for those bgs & usually don't go back to
> sleep after the 3am bg, why bother, I get up at 4:30am & once woken up,
> it's always hard for me to go back to sleep.  I liken this entire routine
> to having a new baby in the house that you feed every two hours!!  AND the
> crash course we took in pumping after the pump w/video arrived!!  It was
> all foreign at that point but slowly each time we viewed the video, it
> began to make sense & became clearer.  Ashley has done most of the work in
> learning how to operate the screens & has done a remarkable job at that too
> (like HELLO, what did anyone expect????).  Now A is a pro at it!!  & I'm a
> pro at going w/out sleep!!
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