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RE: [IP] Food scale information

> You mentioned you were able to look at around six digital scales. Which ones
> did you get a chance to check?
Sorry, don't know. There were a bunch of them at the local 
electronics supply house - they sell them there. And... I have 
checked at least one at a department store.

Usually, if they are powered, I just grab something that weighs about 
the max limit of the scale and plunk it on. I then ask the scale to 
zero the tar and then remove the object and place it back and see 
what happens to the zero value.  I have always been dissappointed.

In contrast, if you do this with a precision 'weighing' scale like 
those used to count parts (these cost close to $1000 or more) the 
scale always returns to the proper zero value.

I've found the mor expensive (and quite large) consumer electronic 
scales will work ok also. The problem with these is that they are 
expensive (about 10x the cost of a mechanical scale) and much larger 
than the mechanical scale. So.... for now, we'll stick with our 

> I have always wondered if there are
> differences (I assumed there were) between digital "kitchen" scales and
> digital "diet" scales. Understanding of course, that "a rose by any other
> name" etc., etc.
You got me, but I think it is a case of "you get what you pay for".

The scale Lily uses is a Pelouze A12R "Portion Controller" with a 
range of 32oz (900g). It is available or can be ordered from most 
resturant supply houses.

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