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Re: [IP] Batteries, batteries, and more batteries

At 22:59 4/16/98 -0400, Rona wrote:
>Dan Oliver wrote:
>> BTW, one of the worst battery 'features' that's come along in some time now
>> is those built-in battery testers that you see in some of the name brands.
>> These testers were useful when they first came out because they were only
>> placed in the _packaging_.  Now some of them are putting one on every
>> individual battery. Those things cause no end of trouble, because they can
>> cause additional battery drain in storage even when they're not being
>> activated.  I tend to steer clear of those manufacturers if at all possible.
>How could this be, it is not a closed circuit and therefore cannot
>affect the battery or its life. The natural drain of the battery would
>remain the same.
>Rona (a Physicist)

It's purely empirical evidence, gathered when a group that I'm a member of
evaluated several battery brands and types in an underground environment.
Our conjecture at the time was that the built-in testers _were_ making
partial contact at times, probably exacerbated by the temperature extremes
to which the batteries we evaluated were placed.  If you've seen these
on-battery testers, you know that they rely on mere finger-pressure to
activate them.  This is far from a positive on/off mechanism, and is a poor

DanO (a pragmatist)

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