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Re: [IP] Getting anxious

> >> My insulin requirements are very unstable. Some weeks I require as 
> >> much as 50% more insulin than other weeks (eating virtually exactly the
> same
> >Bet you have unknow crashes in the night and the excess insulin on 
> >certain days is a result of the rebounds.
> You must be psychic! It's sort of like a dog chasing it's tail. I keep the NPH
> pretty consistent and use a sliding scale with the Regular. Sometimes I get it
> right, but other times it's way off in left-field. (sigh)
You know, if you are willing to wake at 3:00 am or so, you can 
eliminate the NPH altogether. Just use regular to cover your basal 
requirements until morning.  Worked very well for Lily the 4 days she 
did it.
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