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cindy, you sound like you're in pretty good shape.  i run 5
miles/day(10min.mile).  i realize that is sort of slow, but i'm trying to
build up distance.  when i get up to 10 miles, i'm going to start trying to
improve my speed.  i usually do a muscle class and an aerobics class.  thanks
for telling me about your broken foot.  i can skip step aerobics.  it is kind
of hard for me to follow anyway.  i have a disetronic insulin pump and when i
set the basal rate at 50%, i get blood in the tubing(the rate is either 0.4 or
0.6)  i have talked to disetronic and others and they have never heard of this
problem.  does anyone else have this problem?  i feel sure i'm not the only
one.  it usually happens when i reduce the basal rate and engage in strenuous
activity.  i also have very little body fat and this might contribute to this
problem.  i use the disetronic pump with the tender.  i tried different
needles, and the sofset from minimed, but they were worse than the tender.  in
fact the needle caused me so much pain with strenuous exercise that once i had
to pull it out while i was running.  i think it was tearing my skin.  anyway,
i will welcome any suggestions.  ellen  
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