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RE: [IP] Food scale information


Just curious, since this issue has intrigued me for some time ....

You mentioned you were able to look at around six digital scales. Which ones
did you get a chance to check? I have always wondered if there are
differences (I assumed there were) between digital "kitchen" scales and
digital "diet" scales. Understanding of course, that "a rose by any other
name" etc., etc.

I have been able to find fairly good reviews / comparisons of BG meters,
insulin pumps, infusion sets, etc., but this valuable piece of equipment
seems to have escaped the scrutiny of the diabetic community.

I don't know about others, but finding any kind of scale that is accurate in
my neck of the woods is difficult. A good comparison would be useful.

I had to chuckle when I read your detail about weighing the dinner plate,
then adding the slice of bread on the digital scale. This is specifically
what clued me in to the fact that my "non digital" scale had a rusted spring
mechanism after its bath. If we weighed our food when adding it to the plate
during meal prep, the scale would not zero out reliably.

A brief detour for another "old timer" story. When I started getting
interested in what I was trying to do with my diet, I used the "Rules of
Thumb" which many dietitians taught for estimating serving size when using
the Exchange System. I recall that a single meat exchange was supposed to be
a portion "about the size of a bar of soap". After doing this for a couple
years, I noticed I was going through soap a little quicker in our household
(or so I thought). Turns out the brand we were using was now being marketed
in "slightly smaller" sizes than it had been for years prior, in an effort
to keep the price competitive. I quickly realized that the reason my BGs
were not as good as they should have been during this time was that "someone
changed the size of the bar of soap", clearly nothing I had any control over

Bob Burnett
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