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Re: [IP] Getting anxious

At 04/17/1998 - 08:46 AM Mjrenstrom wrote:
<major snipping>

>Hang in there, it is a good sign that you are having concerns.  It shows that
>you are really thinking about the decision to pump.  Pumping is fantastic!
>You won't regret it once you get over all the "newbie" hurdles.  And it will
>make it so much easier for you to react to your insulin "swings".  They may
>even disappear as the problem might be related to long-acting insulin.

Thanks for the words of encouragement... I'm knocking on plastic laminate
is hard to find) that I'm doing the right thing. How can I not think about
it... diabetes is my life (Diabetes R Us?) It's hard to get away from it and
the ostrich approach doesn't work too well. As a creature of habit, I've
used to the needle approach... anything new is a bit scary. But, I'm
stubborn... I don't give up easily.

(gizmo freak and computer geek) 

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