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[IP] Getting anxious

On April Fool's Day I started the ball rolling towards getting a pump with a 
visit to my endo. I'm starting to get concerned about whether I'm doing the 
right thing or not. I hope the date of my Dr. appt. was not a sign of things 
to come.(I believe in signs... Mount St. Helens blew it's top a month before 
my son was born).

Partially, I think its because I don't have a good mental picture of what 
all the things that are written about here even look like. Yes, I've seen 
the little pictures... but it's not quite the same as actually seeing the 
items. I'm supposedly getting the MiniMed 507, but I've never actually seen 
one. I've heard you all talking about 1,001 flavors of infusion sets, but I 
don't have a clue as to what they really look like and how they actually 
work (I'm a visual/tactile learner). I then start thinking: "Arrghh!! What 
have I gotten myself into...??"

It's almost like the pre-marital jitters that I had over 28 years ago(Hmmm! 
Would my wife get jealous if I named my pump Mabel?). I hope I'm really 
doing the right thing and that I'll be happy with my decision. I know that 
you are all card-carrying pumpers, so maybe this is not a good forum to ask 
this type of question. But, I've heard that the pump doesn't work for 
everyone. My insulin requirements are very unstable. Some weeks I require as 
much as 50% more insulin than other weeks (eating virtually exactly the same 
things and doing pretty much the same activities). Sometimes it varies 
widely from day to day. My sister, who is also diabetic, has had the same 
types of swings.

Enough prattle... any thoughts, brickbats or encouragement?

(Professional worry wart)


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