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[IP] Food scale information


Here is some additional information re: digital scales. It may be useful to
you and others ...

There is a scale made by Soehnle called the Attache Scale. Digital, it is
supposedly very accurate ("This scale is so accurate that the
Clinical Nutritionist of the Children's Hospital of Birmingham, Alabama
requires it for children on the ketogenic (high fat) diet for epilepsy,
since their food weighing must be so exact.")

One source for this scale (and others) is Diabetesnet mall at:

I used a couple of the Soehnle manual (non digital) scales for years and
found them very reliable. I had to stop using my last one, though, because
my mom washed it in the sink during a visit and the springs rusted. (How
come that single slice of bread weighs five pounds???) I didn't have the
heart to tell her ;-(

I have been using a digital scale for the past two years and find it easier
for the way I manage my carb counting - YMMV. I would have chosen the
Soehnle if I knew how to find it at the time, based on my past experience
with their products.

Note that I don't get any endorsement fee from Soehnle or from Diabetes Net
Mall - this is just info, folks ;-)

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