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[IP] batteries, etc

Hey thanks for all the input, I have alot of old batteries that were
probably still good for at least another two or three weeks maybe.  I
will let this next set go to the beep!  I don't use the light too often,
and use only about 23 to 26 units a day.  So I am probably not too much
of a drain on the 507. ( Mary Jean, yes Dave was my MM rep.  I probably
need to try this grazing thing again and will get back to you on what I
am doing wrong/*LOL*)
I am currently dealing with tendonitus (sp) and have taken some relafen,
which I think is affecting my tests, or it's just the pain of the wrist;
but my tests have been raising in the pm and early am.  Don't want to
change the basals yet since the other worked so well before this last
episode of wrist.
I get really scared of the posts that say that they have bolused at
bedtime, and not that they checked their bg in the 2 or 3 hours after
they went to bed.  Hey, I'm telling you from experience that you can
still have a bad low.... one that requires outside help. I have only
had  one since going on the pump, and that was why, I didn't get up and
test in the 2 to 3 hrs after bolusing for a high.  I had enough of these
episodes on the MI, so it was a familiarity I didn't care to revisit. It
had been a good year of not having any lows that were incapacitating as
those, and I will always test in the middle of the night when I bolus
now.  I am so sensitive to 1 unit of insulin, too much or too little
that I can end up on my nose in short order.  
Just keep testing, it works for me.
congrats to all the new pumpers! I am really happy for all these kids,
they are looking at a better life than we could have imagined with D
back in the 60's! Laurie B.
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