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RE: [IP] when to stop the NPH b-4 pump hookup

	*	I'm wondering about that evening NPH injection.  I
thought I 'd read here that
	*	it's best to skip the evening NPH.  Can someone clarify
this for me?
	*	Kasey

I just started pumping this month.  I took my last shot of NPH at
breakfast the Day Before I started pumping.  They had me take small
doses of H at bedtime and every three hours throughout the night.  They
had me inject at least 1 unit of H, plus some extra if the BGs were
high.  They also had me eat 15g CHO to cover the 1 unit of H, every
three hours.
They told me that if I had any Regular I could take that at night
instead of the H, and then I would only have to get up once during the
I started pumping insulin at 8:30am, so they didn't want any of my
evening NPH to be hanging around in the morning.

Hope everything goes well!

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