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> Really, REALLY overwhelmed!  In
> particular, the extent of food weighing they recommend!
That is how you count carbos. Weighing is necessary

>  We're in a
> financial crunch at the moment, and I'm not even sure how I'm going to
> manage paying to see the out-of-plan CDE, much less buying a digital gram
> scale to the tune of $50-$200.  I am also so overstressed by the rest of
> life (our financial situation, both of us working full time while we also
Don't buy a digital scale, they don't work that well anyway.  The 
explanation is long and tedious, but unless you buy one that is 
around $1000 you're wasting your money.

Instead buy a restruant spring platform rotary dial scale. Looks like 
an oversized postal scale. There is a knob in the middle that allows 
you to turn the scale behind the pointer so the pointer reads zero 
when you put a plate or bowl on the scale. These are indestructible 
and cost $40 to $60. My daughter even carts it around with her when 
we go out to eat or travel.

> How realistic is the book in this regard?
Which book are you talking about


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