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[IP] Re: Laurel's fears

Laurel...You do not need to refer to yourself as a "bad diabetic" or a "bad
Pumper".  Your anxieties are normal.  You are just feeling a little
overwhelmed about all the new things to learn.  Some of your physical symptoms
and problems might go away or improve once you get regulated.  Take your
questions to your MD and CDE.  They have probably heard all of them before and
will be able to reassure you.  If not, at least you have all of us.  RELAX!
Your are about to start a new life, feeling better, and less anxious about
your control.  Also, remember, you are human, and you have the right not to be
perfect.  Who is?  Where are you Rhonda?  Reassure this woman.  Where is Janis
Barr?  E-mail this girl soon.  Laurel, if you don't hear from these ladies,
you will hear from the rest of this wonderful group.

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