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Re: [IP] Needing words of wisdom

>   Nancy...Also be prepared to do ketone testing in the AMs. High Bg and
> ketones means you need more insulin.  Normal or low BG in the AM means you
> need more food.  I am sure (at least, hope) your MD or nutritionist will
> review this with you.
> Barbara

Oh, yeah, I did check for ketones first thing in the morning about once a
week. I never found more than trace amounts. But I did eat 2000 or so
calories a day, everyday, spread fairly evenly throughout the day. And a
lot of it (25-30%) was protein, at my CDE's recommendation. Besides being
important for growing the baby, the protein helped slow down carb
absorption enough to achieve the <130 postprandials using Velosulin. I was
often closer to 100. 

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