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[IP] (Fwd) How Do You Play In The Mud With This Thing, Anyway?

From:          email @ redacted (Dan Trump)

With the arrival of spring comes the planting of trees and the distribution
of topsoil around the gravelpit that passes for a yard at my house. While I
was digging holes for the trees and planting them I kept my pump in my pocket
rather than wearing it on my belt where it could get whacked by any number of

The problem is that when I took the pump out of my pocket that night, I noticed
it had gotten a lot dirtier than I had intended. I figured it would be OK in 
my pocket, but I was mistaken.

How do some of you "long-term" pumpers handle your pump on the dirty and/or dusty
jobs? I do a lot of woodworking, including a mind-numbing number of hours of 
with a sander or plane. That'll be just as bad.

Any suggestions?


email @ redacted
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