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Re: [IP] Batteries

On 16 Apr 98 at 8:13, Laurie Brack Jeff Montgomery wrote:

> Since I started the pump about 1.5 yrs now, I have always changed the
> batteries in my 507 every month and half or so, I have _never been given
> an alarm for low battery. Does everyone here wait for a signal from the
> pump, or do you just change after a date is reached?  I am curious, as
> the trainer said that the batteries were only going to last a month and
> I have used them over that a little, and hurriedly changed thinking that
> the pump would quit! :o)

I was told by MiniMed that the 507 alarm goes off when the battery 
voltage drops to the point that there is only enough power to run the 
pump for a few more hours.  The battery life is dependent upon your 
basal rates, boluses and "button pushing" - the higher your rates, 
boluses or use of the backlight the shorter your battery life.  I 
have to change my batteries about every four weeks and I wait for the 
alarm to sound.  You have enough warning so the change doesn't have 
to be a panic change - I usually change mine a whenever it is 
convenient after the alarm sounds.  That sometimes means a couple of 
hours after the it first sounds.

Randall Winchester

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